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RTB 760
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SST-vented Vault Toilet

For Vault & Other
Pumped Toilets

Concrete-lined vault toilets are typically found in high-use remote areas not served by a sewer system.  Unlike an earthen pit toilet that loses much of its liquid content to the surrounding soil, the vault toilet is designed to retain it.  By storing it in this way, groundwater contamination is minimized and pumping is made much easier.  Once removed, the waste is hauled to a treatment plant for final processing.


Faster, Easier and More Complete
Pumping for you or your
Pumping Contractor

Along with the typical concerns about odor, waste solids can build up and compact in the bottom of the vault.  The pumper truck, which operates by vacuum, can inadvertently remove only the liquids and leave the solids behind. This accumulation can cause additional odor problems and require more frequent pumping to make up for the loss of holding capacity. 

RTB 760 will increase the digestion of all waste solids and help to liquefy them so pumping is faster, easier and more complete.   Waste cone development under each riser will also be dramatically reduced as bacterial activity erodes its base.  With less waste exposed to the air, the potential for fly problems is also greatly minimized.

As far as odor is concerned, RTB 760 will reduce it biologically without the use of toxic deodorant chemicals.  By preventing them from forming in the first place, there is nothing to mask or attempt to cover up later.  Even the new style SST-vented vaults can benefit from increased odor control and ease of pumping. 

Because these toilets are pumped and have a relatively high liquid content, an aqua-blue, biodegradable dye is used in RTB 760.   This functions as a visible indicator to both the applicator and the user of an ongoing treatment program.

Order RTB 760

Individual Package
(6 Packets) $16.95
Treats 1 toilet for up to 6 weeks

Self-Dissolving Packet. Just Toss Them In !

20 Package Display Box
(120 Packets) $339.00
Treats 8 toilets for up to 15 weeks

New 25 lb. Bulk Bucket 
(400 Packets) $750.00
Treats 15 toilets for up to 26 weeks

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