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for the action of
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for the sense
it makes to utilize
these tiny but
powerful forms
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Outdoor Toilet & Holding Tank Digestant & Deodorizer


This site is dedicated to the following: Outdoor Toilets, Vault Toilets, Pit Toilets, Portable Toilets, Holding Tanks, Composting Toilets, Outhouses, Latrines, Privy, Restroom, Lavatory, Bathroom, John, Dunny, Biffy, Loo, Head, Groover, Black Water, Human Waste, Liquid Waste, Solid Waste, Waste Water, Odor, Digestion, Sanitation, Maintenance, Management, Dumping, Pumping, Cleaning, Treatment -- Outdoor, Vault, Pit, Portable, & Composting Toilet, Holding Tank, Outhouse, Latrine

Check out the link below for a gallery of outdoor toilets.
Outhouse tour

Nobody likes to deal with or talk about human waste. For the vast majority of US residents, human waste is something to flush down and forget. With 95% of our population connected to a sewer or septic system, little thought is given to the final processing in a treatment plant or septic tank. Outdoor toilets and holding tanks are different and adding to the confusion, are referred to by many different names.

lthough these historical, cultural and affectionate names are too numerous to mention here, these terms do little in describing what they are, where they are used and how they function. The navigation bar at your left, is an attempt to group these outdoor toilets by using the guidelines above. Under each category, you will find links to companies that manufacture these toilets as well as research and information that pertains to each.

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"Microbial" for the action and power of microbes or microorganisms and "Logic" for the sense it makes to utilize these tiny but powerful forms of life.

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